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Eype and the surounding area - particularly Charmouth is very popular with fossil hunters since this stretch, as is typical of the World Heritage Coast is very rich in fossils.

Fossils in Eype:

Geology:   Jurassic/Cretaceous - marine environment
  Age:   105 - 165 Million Years
  Conditions:   Beach/Cliffs
  Fossil Diversity:   High - Including Ammonites, Belemnites, Crinoids and more.
  Find Frequency:   Medium - Less than the neighboring Seatown and Charmouth.
  Dangers:   High - Steep cliffs are liable to collapse, hard hats are highly advised.
  Equipment:   Hammer and Chisel are needed to split the rocks.
  Facilities:   Minimum - a small cafe provides light refreshments.
  Accessibility:   Average - a small winding single-track road links the site to the main road.

What might you find?


During a recent visit, there were few fossils to be found within the Jurassic clays.  However a large number of Shells and Belemnites were found within the fallen rocks.  These rocks originate from higher up the cliff, probably from the Cretaceous period.